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Acrobat and WinWord: Bookmarks with section numbers

Question in the mailing list

Is there any chance with PDFMaker (Adobe add-in for the generation of PDF files from WinWord) of including the section numbers in the bookmarks?

Answer 1 — Replace PDFMaker by PDF-T-Maker

In Acrobat 3, the VBA sources are fairly comprehensibly programmed and commented. It should therefore be possible to include the section numbers in the heading text.

Note: We have been active in the meantime and created (Link intern) PDF-T-Maker.

Answer 2 — Change the numbering system in WinWord

The problem is that Word does not transfer the numbers to Destiller during the generation of the lists of contents. According to Adobe there is no solution for this problem. Workarounds:

  • Save the document in Word 2.0 format. This converts the numbers to standard numbers put in front of the heading (however, this will also destroy anything that has been created using features that were not available in WinWord 2).
  • Create the numbers using SEQ fields.
  • Add the numbers manually in Acrobat.

Antwort 3 — Use a commercially available plug-in

For example the Acrobat PlugIn can do this. This can automatically create bookmarks from the PDF document. The headings are recognized by the specific font definitions. Depending on the settings you may only convert headings with a sequence number in front of them. Also, bookmarks may be extended by multi-level sequence numbers. The bookmark list then has an even greater resemblance to a list of contents.

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