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PDF-T-Maker and colleagues

PDF-T-Maker and Adobe Acrobat

PDF-T-Maker can be used as supplement to or as replacement for Adobe PDFMaker — in either case you can use PDF-T-Maker and nonetheless generate your PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Thereby, PDF-T-Maker peacefully coexists with a PDFMaker already installed, there is no need to uninstall PDFMaker (usually, it is not even possible without deinstalling at least parts of Acrobat).

PDF-T-Maker and GhostScript

PDF-T-Maker works without any additional Adobe software, so it is well suited for (Link intern) mini tariff solutions. Just use (Link extern) GhostScript. Also, different graphical user interfaces for GhostScript such as (Link extern) FreePDF X, (Link extern) qvPD, (Link extern) PDFCreator, (Link extern) PrimoPDF etc. cooperate very well with PDF-T-Maker. In the user instructions you will find information, how to get PDF-T-Maker and GhostScript to the point, that GhostScript is started by PDF-T-Maker directly or via the graphical user interfaces, in any case however automatically, und that you will get your PDF file without any further interaction.


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