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Revisions of PDF-T-Maker (revision/change log)

In the following list, the most upper entry represents the current version of PDF-T-Maker.

31 August 2010 / 3.0jg85

  • Tested to be working with Word 2010 and Windows 7 (work around for a Word 2010 bug coded).
  • Preferences dialog extended by tab "Advanced" (this is a specialized tab, most users should not change the default settings; it acutally needs some additional documentation yet: comes time comes documentation).
  • General bug fixings in different areas of the program (marked in the code as bug fixes by Jiri or with date "August 2010").
  • Payment model changed to DonationWare. Version PDF-T-Maker Enhanced has been dropped, all features are available to all users now.

5 December 2007 / 3.0jg84

  • Installation program (setup.exe) changed, should now work always. (It had difficulties with Windows XP and Word XP or above. Thanks to Maike who provided the code and compiled program.)
  • Unicode problems solved to support Chinese at a higher degree (thanks to Kingron for providing a lot of input including code fixes).
  • Chinese added to the GUI languages (thanks to Kingron who provided the ini file).
  • French GUI updated (thanks to Bernard who provided the ini file).

12 May 2007 / 3.0jg83

  • Alternative installation routine is now compatible with Windows Vista. (The standard installation routine not yet.)
  • Backward compatibility regained (was lost with version 3.0jg82).
  • With version 3.0jg80 the run time display at the end of the conversion process has been reformatted to show not just seconds but minutes, hours and days. Unfortunately, the formatting commands are not available in Word 97, so the display did not show up correctly. Bug solved (in Word 97 the old display is shown again).

19 April 2007 / 3.0jg82

  • Long ago, PDF-T-Maker has been changed to allow for Windows users with restricted rights. The code did not work always. The code has been corrected (i.e. you have to have administrator rights only during installation but not for changing settings) and the ini file has been renamed to PDF-T-Maker.ini.

17 April 2007 / 3.0jg81

  • By mistake, the German manual (PDF file) has not been generated in a way that it could be opened context sensitive. Problem solved
  • M.L. provided an updated Italian user interface.
  • Italian und Polish user interface have been integrated with the base package (i.e. no additional download required).
  • Under certain circumstances, the page sizes in the PDF file could be wrong. Problem solved thanks to Martin who reported the problem and found the faulty parameter in the PostScript file.

7 April 2007 / 3.0jg80

  • Creating Word bookmarks could make trouble with non-German Word versions (localization bug, now fixed).
  • The preferences dialog did not memorize the settings for page orientation and PDF-A (General tab). Victor detected this and provided a bug fix.
  • When index entries were to be converted to bookmarks, an empty index entry could result in an error aborting the PostScript file generation. Empty index entries are now filtered and rejected.
  • Maike provided an installation routine based on an exe file. Therefore installation is now started via setup.exe.
  • Bernard Guillotin provided a new french user interface file (PDF-T-Maker_L_French.ini) and a new french help file (PDF-T-Maker_M_French.pdf).
  • A minor bug in the restoration of two Word user settings solved.
  • A bug that inhibited strings (user interface, settings) of more than 255 characters solved (now set to about 2000 characters). (Bug found and bug fix provided by Bernard Guillotin.)
  • A bug with the display of ellipsed captions (probably used with the French user interface only) solved. (Bug found and bug fix provided by Bernard Guillotin.)
  • A bug in Word XP (probably there since Word 2000 and also in Word 2003) resulted in a rather slow conversion of Word hyperlinks and references to PDF hyperlinks. (PDF-T-Maker as add-in in Word 97 was not affected.) Work-around implemented, that accelerates processing of Word hyperlinks/refererences heavily (factor 4 … 5 when converting the PDF-T-Maker manual from Word to PDF; the factor increases with the length of the Word document and the number of hyperlinks/references).
  • Processing time had been displayed in seconds only, now it is displayed in hours / minutes / seconds thanks to a routine provided by Bernard Guillotin.

7 March 2007 / 3.0jg79

  • Creation of bookmarks from headings (of bookmarks that include the heading number) heavily speeded up for most documents. (It is still slow when the heading is inside a table.)
  • The code linking footnotes contained an internationalization bug: It worked with German Word versions only. Victor detected this and provided a bug fix.

20 February 2007 / 3.0jg78

  • With certain configurations, the dashed borders feature for links did not work. Michael B. provided a bug fix. (During a short test, the bug could not be verified by Transcom. However, it seemed that Michael was knowing what he was talking about, so we included the bug fix in the code.)
  • Bug with specification of styles to be converted to bookmarks (styles could be listed twice in the ini file causing double listing of the corresponding headings in the bookmarks). Bug found and solved by Andreas Mahel.
  • Batch processing of directories: A log file is created that lists word files which could not be processed.

17 November 2006 / 3.0jg77

  • Bug with hyperlinks solved: If the last character of the hyperlink destination was a special character (such as backslash), this one has not been coded correctly. Bug found and solved by Stephen M. of Edinburgh
  • When PDF-T-Maker is configured to convert a file automatically on start of Word, it can now be specified whether Word should wait for the Distiller to finish before Word exits itself.

5 September 2006 / 3.0jg76

  • Feature "Highlight" of PDF link appearance was without any influence on the PDF file, so it has been dropped. (It was introduced by Adobe with the original PDFMaker, however the PDF Mark reference does not know about this feature. Probably different highlighting of PDF links was an intention by Adobe but not realised.)
  • In PDF-T-Maker Enhanced, lower levels index entries in the bookmark list can be folded.
  • In PDF-T-Maker Enhanced, there was a problem with some configurations, that the index-to-bookmark generation would not work. Work-around implemented.
  • Interface for automation applications implemented: Word can be started from the command line or via Windows interprocess calls by just handing over the file name of the Word file to be converted to PDF and PDF-T-Maker will automatcially convert the file and close Word at the end.

16 August 2006 / 3.0jg75

  • Deinstallation is now fully automatic (so far it was necessary to delete files manually).
  • During first installation, a message box appears whether you want to check for updates automatically.
  • When using the DOS box for the distiller start and running a personal firewall on the PC, Word could run into an endless loop due to an implementation error in VBA. A work around has been implemented in PDF-T-Maker: Hopefully it protects you from the VBA bug under all circumstances.

6 August 2006 / 3.0jg74

  • Deinstallation did not work. Bug solved
  • Option to install a PDF-T-Maker menu in the Word menu |- File -| added. (Up to version 3.0jg72 this menu was installed always, but fully removed with that version. Now it is up to you whether you want to include this.)

3 August 2006 / 3.0jg73

  • Word did not close the empty document opened automatically on start of Word, when automatic update was activated (Word always requested a Saving confirmation). Bug solved.

3 August 2006 / 3.0jg72

  • New feature: Manual and automatic update check. The automatic update check must be enabled by the user (tab "About" of the preferences dialog).
  • Icon bar changed: Additional icon "Menu" in icon bar to get PDF-T-Maker in line with the new user interface concept of Word 2007, thereby visual appearance reworked. (PDF-T-Maker has been tested with Word 2007 Beta briefly: There is no indication that it could have problems.)
  • Menu entry in Word menu |- File -| removed: This should eliminate the Save request for when quitting Word (which occured under certain circumstances).

31 July 2006 / 3.0jg71

  • A bug solved that prevented a language pack text from being displayed correctly (it was truncated because it was too long).

7 July 2006 / 3.0jg70

  • A bug solved that mispositioned every hyperlink box in the last line of a paragraph on a landscape page. (Bug was there probably since version 3.0jg69.)
  • Because it was reported that the zoom factor would have an influence on the exactness of the VBA position calculations, the zoom factor has been set to 100%.

30 June 2006 / 3.0jg69 Several improvements including:

  • On the preferences dialog the tabs' labels are translated (not always English any longer)
  • The preferences dialog has been reduced in size to fit on a 800 x 600 screen
  • The PDF file created can be opened and displayed automatically
  • In Word links to external files Word files (.doc) the new file extension can be specified by the user (so far the choice was only no replacement or .pdf)
  • The run time displayed at the end of the conversion differentiates correctly between pre-processing of the Word document, printing and distilling time.
  • Link sources and destinations in second level nested tables are usually calculated correctly (feature available in PDF-T-Maker Enhanced version only)
  • Automatic processing of multiple Word files supported (batch mode, feature available in PDF-T-Maker Enhanced version only)
  • Code enhanced (variables are now explicit always, the number of variables of the type variant reduced, the status display is generally put into the foreground [not sometimes hidden by other windows], bugs resolved that could inhibit a correct start of the distiller via DOS)

6 April 2006 / 3.0jg68

  • A bug solved that prevented PDF-T-Maker from running on systems using double byte code for character coding (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

26 March 2006 / 3.0jg67

  • Procedure that saves PDF-T-Maker's preferences improved to be significantly faster in most cases.
  • A problem solved that could occur if the user did not properly select a language during first start-up of Word after installation of PDF-T-Maker.

21 March 2006 / 3.0jg66

  • New option to create Hyperlinks to not (yet) existing destinations implemented. (This allows links to destinations that exist in other files and are to be combined [on PDF level] with the actual file to a single PDF file.) (This option is available only for the Enhanced version.)
  • Button [Abort] added to the preference form. Thereby a minor bug with the option [Restore saved configuration] corrected.

14 March 2006 / 3.0jg65

  • In all non-German Word versions, the generation of section numbers in bookmarks did not work. This bug was in PDF-T-Maker from the very beginning (at a time when we not yet thought about publishing it) and does not occur in German Word versions. Bug solved.

8 March 2006 / 3.0jg64

  • Under certain circumstances, a bug introduced with 3.0jg57 did not allow to specify style format names to be converted to PDF bookmarks. Bug solved and background functionality of the bookmark tab expanded.

20 February 2006 / 3.0jg63

  • A bug introduced with 3.0jg59 could change the document while hyperlinks where to be processed if a hyperlink was in the last line of a paragraph which was directly followed by a new section with manual section break (German: Abschnittswechsel). Bug solved.

20 February 2006 / 3.0jg62

  • An optimized algorithm calculates hyperlink source areas faster than any PDF-T-Maker before.

19 February 2006 / 3.0jg61

  • When the document contains comments, Word XP has the tendency to show them at the right hand side of the page and scaling all other contents correspondingly. This characteristic leads to wrong results in the PDF file. To counter this, PDF-T-Maker now switches off the display of comments during processing of the DOC file and activates "document only printing" in the print dialog.
  • When using the Distiller of Acrobat 7, figures appeared in black only in the PDF file. Problem corrected.

19 February 2006 / 3.0jg60

  • The changes in 3.0jg59 slowed heavily down the conversion. An optimized algorithm brings back the original conversion speed.
  • A minor bug with calculating the hyperlink source area in paragraphs with space above corrected. (The problem was introduced with 3.0jg59.)

18 February 2006 / 3.0jg59

  • Problem with hyperlinks over figures and other areas with a much bigger line height than font size solved: With a few exceptions now the hyperlink area covers the complete line.
  • New "known problems" added to the manual: Hyperlinks in tables that are achored on the page (instead of being floating with the text) are not converted. A hyperlink over a figure that is positioned in the first line after a manual page break is provided with an extremely small hyperlink area only.

16 February 2006 / 3.0jg58

  • Bug with PDF document opening options solved and additional option "Full Screen" added.
  • The PostScript printer message boxes after selecting a printer driver mentions that the printer driver should not print to "FILE:". (The printer driver should either print to a real or virtual hardware port such as LPT3: or to NIL:.)

9 February 2006 / 3.0jg57

  • Hyperlink in footnotes are now converted — thanks to Cesare Bianchi.
  • Character formats cannot be selected as headings for conversion to PDF bookmarks any longer.
  • Specification of the Word's generic heading styles (for headings to bookmark conversion) should now work for any localized Word version.
  • Text on [OK] button of Preference dialog changed to [OK (Save)]

30 January 2006 / 3.0jg56

  • New option to save the batch file for distilling in ANSI (instead of ASCII character coding). This solves the special character problem in file names and paths for some (!) GhostScript versions (e.g. GhostScript 8.15, 8.51).
  • New option to create PDF files according to PDF/A specification (ISO 19005-1).
  • Several updates in the manual.

29 January 2006 / 3.0jg55

  • User interface streamlined: Since version 3.0jg54 the bookmark definitions were not disabled, when the "Convert headings to bookmark" option was disabled. The bookmark definitions are now disabled again.

11 December 2005 / 3.0jg54

  • Typographic corrections in German manual (quotation marks).
  • Feature added: The entries in the PDF file's bookmark list can be folded below a selectable level. This allows to shorten long bookmark lists. This added feature required that in the Preference dialog, the bookmark definitions were removed from tab General to a newly created tab Bookmarks.

17 November 2005 / 3.0jg53

  • When the current Word printer was to be used as PostScript printer, this one would be installed as system-wide default printer. Bug solved.
  • When everything was to be shown in Word (including paragraph/tab/etc. characters), this setting was not restored after creation of the PostScript file. Bug solved.
  • Language support reworked: External .ini files can be used to provide the user interface strings for additional languages.

    Manual reworked: One manual per language. So far, only the German language is provided with a complete manual. The English manual is still combined with (partly) outdated German text.

26 September 2005 / 3.0jg52

  • Unicode translation added to bookmarks and document info to allow for non-West European ASCII characters to be displayed correctly (from Acrobat Reader 6). Our thanks to Karel Miko from the Czech Republic who did the necessary research and provided the code
  • Bug with Word index to PDF bookmark conversion solved (there was added an empty PDF bookmark at the end of the list always)

21 September 2005 / 3.0jg51

  • Superfluous command lines in Module PrefsForms removed (these resulted in errors when used in a system developers environment (probably due to a more stricter checking of the code)

18 September 2005 / 3.0jg50

  • Run time display in final message box added
  • Final message box disappears automatically after about 30 s (if not acknowledged before by clicking [OK])
  • Minor amendments in the manual
  • PDFCreator support added to the manual

2 August 2005 / 3.0jg49

  • Minor bug with variable name solved

1 August 2005 / 3.0jg48

  • Additional registry entries to the source of Acrobat set
  • Manual only: FreePDF XP description adapted to version 3.03

24 July 2005 / 3.0jg47

  • Start and end comments for PDF-T-Maker PostScript code in PS file included.
  • Several minor optimizations
  • When there had been set a path to the distiller already, but the directory deleted meanwhile, trying to direct PDF-T-Maker to a new distiller resulted in an error - problem solved.
  • In the manual, information about configuring FreePDF XP, PrimoPDF, ServPDF, PDF995, qvPDF added

18 July 2005 / 3.0jg46

  • PDF Help linked context sensitve to PDF-T-Maker via DDE (no web browser required any longer as for the PDF Help implementation of 26 June 2005).

13 July 2005 / 3.0jg45

  • In case, the number of textmarks in the Word document was exactly 1, PDF-T-Maker did not create PDF mark destinations - bug solved.

12 July 2005 / 3.0jg44

  • Additional registry path added to search for Acrobat Reader to display the help file.

8 July 2005 / 3.0jg43

  • Due to general problems with Internet Explorer (which cannot display local PDF files context sensitive and does not always start correctly), the help file is always displayed in Adobe Reader if Internet Explorer has been selected as Web browser.

6 July 2005 / 3.0jg42

  • Presetting of certain print option parameters included to reduce the risk of output errors due to user failures
  • If the Word parameter |- Tools | Options | Print | Update fields -| is activated, PDF-T-Maker updates now all fields first, before it starts to calculate any hyperlink source/destination positions
  • Context sensitive help button added for all message boxes (due to forms problems of Word 97, message boxes that appear during the conversion process (|- PDF-T-Maker | Create PDF file -|) by Word 97 are without context sensitive help buttons)

5 July 2005 / 3.0jg41

  • If the Word document contained "wrong" cross-document or Internet hyperlinks (i.e. the cross reference was named "Ref" followed by a multitude of hex figures), PDF-T-Maker would stop the conversion because it could not solve the destination of this hyperlink. Now, only a message appears, that such hyperlinks are contained in the document and the hyperlink is not converted.
  • If the Word document contained page breaks with definitions like "new page = uneven page" then the calculation of source areas and destinations for cross references, bookmarks etc. could go wrong. Problem (should be) solved. (The problem was incurred some time in June 2005.)
  • If during printing, the tables of contents are updated, the page calculation of source and destination pages of hyperlinks, bookmarks etc. could go wrong, when the length of the contents table was changed during the update. Now, there is an update of the TOC before the calculation starts.

4 July 2005 / 3.0jg40

  • Two-level index bookmarks included for PDF-T-Maker Enhanced.

2 July 2005 / 3.0jg39

  • Index bookmark sorting according to the Word sort sequence included for PDF-T-Maker Enhanced.

27 June 2005 / 3.0jg37

  • Path problems with help call (to provide for paths with blanks) and in installation program (to provide for Windows 98) solved.

26 June 2005 / 3.0jg36

  • Context sensitive help added (buttons [Help]).
  • PDF-T-Maker settings are now user-specific (for Word 2000 and above), i.e. the ini file for PDF-T-Maker is not stored in the Windows folder any longer but in the user-specific Word folder. (However, for Word 97 the ini file is still stored in the Windows folder because Word 97 does not know user specific settings.) This also solves the problem, that users with restricted user rights potentially could not change the PDF-T-Maker settings (depending on the restrictions in force).

22 June 2005 / 3.0jg35

  • In combination with ServPDF the check for a PostScript printer would generate a warning. Now, if the printer name contains the character sequence "PDF", no warning is given.

21 June 2005 / 3.0jg34

  • Installer program extended: If PDF-T-Maker has been installed in a user specific directory, it is removed there (refer to section 2 "Installation/Aktualisierung".

18 June 2005 / 3.0jg33

  • Problem with GhostScript reduced. If GhostScript is started via batch file ps2pdf*.bat and DOS box (refer to section 3.9 "Reiter "Default Distiller""), the system environment variable "path" is extended to include the GhostScript directories \lib and \bin. This reduces necessary user intervention with the GhostScript installation (file gssetgs.bat does not need to be edited as described in chapter 5 "GhostScript", paragraph "Fehler in gssetgs.bat").

13 June 2005 / 3.0jg32

  • Installer for PDF-T-Maker provided (PDF-T-Maker_Install.doc).

7 June 2005 / 3.0jg31

  • Bug with bookmarks solved. PDF-T-Maker did not create a bookmark for the first paragraph of a document even it was formatted with a style that it should have been included in the bookmarks. This bug came in with the changes of 27 May 2005.

1 June 2005 / 3.0jg30

  • Bug with bookmark from Word index creation solved. If the index entry field was not started with " XE " but "XE ", PDF-T-Maker would not recognise this field.

27 May 2005 / 3.0jg29

  • Bug with bookmark creation solved. If the number of bookmarks for a certain paragraph style exceeded 50, only 50 bookmarks for that style would be created in the bookmark list. This bug probably came in with the version of 26 May 2005.
  • Bug with bookmark creation solved. Word XP could have specific tables where the whole cell would be marked if the macro wants to mark the very first character only. This could result in endless loops.

26 May 2005 / 3.0jg28

  • Bug with feature "Create Word bookmarks" solved. If the heading style which was to be included in the bookmarks was not available in the list of styles, a VBA error would occur.
  • Feature "Create Word bookmarks" extended in the enhanced version of PDF-T-Maker (which is available against costs only): All styles listed as headings on tab "General" of the parameters dialog are included in the bookmarks.
  • PDF-T-Maker manual extended (now describing also the menu entries).

24 May 2005 / 3.0jg27

  • Minor errors with user interface corrected.
  • PDF-T-Maker update link on tab "About" added.
  • PDF-T-Maker manual reworked.

20 May 2005 / 3.0jg26

  • Bug with endnotes solved. When the endnotes spanned more than 1 page, PDFMaker hyperlinked to the last endnote page always, regardless where the hyperlink destination actually is located. PDF-T-Maker now hyperlinks the correct page and position on the page, whether the endnotes are section endnotes or document endnotes.a)
  • Bug with link destinations solved. For some versions of PDF-T-Maker the links generated from Word reference fields (including table of contents) referred to the wrong region on the page, i.e. the page would not show the link destination in the upper window area of the Acrobat Reader.

17 May 2005 / 3.0jg25

  • Bug with endnote hyperlinks solved. The hyperlinks referred to the position within the page, where the endnote marker (the source of the hyperlink) was located, not to where the endnote text (the destination) actually was positioned.

16 May 2005 / 3.0jg24

  • Manual amended to reflect the licence granted by Adobe to Transcom. Comment: Originally, PDF-T-Maker was a debugged version of PDFMaker. Debugging is well within the German copyright laws. Late in 2004 however we developed several new features which was more than debugging only. When we realised, that now we may have left the grounds of the law and may have infringed Adobe's copyright, we contacted Adobe in order to receive an explicit statement (licence) which would allow as, to continue to edit the source code and distribute such edits. Distribution was stopped, until such rights were granted by Adobe on 13 May 2005. We thank Adobe very much for these rights, which allow us to provide you with PDF-T-Maker.
  • "Public Sub StartCreationPDFViaServer()" included: This can be used as entry point for automatic processes, e.g. an PDF creation server instead of the standard entry point "StartCreationErstellungPDF()" used by the menu and icon. "Public Sub StartCreationPDFViaServer()" does not show the final "finished" message which interferes with fully automated conversion utilities (such as ServPDF, available from
  • Bug solved: When the PostScript file creation was aborted, the original Word settings were not restored

9 March 2005 / 3.0jg22

  • Uninstall routine added
  • Bug solved: The language change menu was not available

1 March 2005 / 3.0jg21

  • Paragraph format list for bookmark conversion selection reworked (now 3 columns box to directly indicate whether a format is converted and at what level)

23 February 2005 / 3.0jg20

  • Bug solved: In the preferences dialog, changing the "Convert headings to bookmarks" settings generated an error.

22 February 2005 / 3.0jg19

  • Bug solved: Word went into endless loop when started with PDF-T-Maker for the first time.

14 February 2005 / 3.0jg18

  • Enhancements in the procedure to create index entries (tabs, carriage returns, line feeds should not appear in the index entry)

9 February 2005 / 3.0jg17

  • Option "Convert Word index into PDF bookmarks" added
  • User interface language handling reworked: Only one language is used at any one time (not German and English in parallel). Translation into other languages would be possible now comparably easy.
  • Magnification options of PDF display added (8.33% to 6400%)

3 February 2005 / 3.0jg16

  • Option "Convert Word bookmarks to PDF destinations / Word-Textmarken in PDF-Sprungziele konvertieren" implemented. So far, this option is experimental only - and probably will remain so for a long time (is there anyone having done extensive testing? then please contact us!).

26 November 2004 / 3.0jg15

  • Bug solved: Cross reference links were not created for some reasons.
  • Option "Use DOS box to start Distiller" added. When enabled, a batch file will be created, that calls up the Distiller with its parameters. In certain situations, this may solve umlauts in file names problems.

16 November 2004 / 3.0jg14

  • Manual, section "Known problems": Note regarding hyperlinks added

9 November 2004 / 3.0jg13

  • PostScript and PDF file names and Distiller path are automatically enbracketed by quotation marks (to allow for spaces in the names/paths)
  • When compatibility with Acrobat 3 is required, also the compatibility level is set to 1.1 or 1.2 but not any higher

3 November 2004 / 3.0jg12

  • Option to specify PDF version of PDF file added
  • Default settings for different usage purposes ("PDF usage") added
  • Manual reworked

October 2004 and before

  • Inclusion of section numbers in PDF bookmarks (can be switched on or off on the corresponding Preferences tab)
  • Switch off of the display of invisible text when creating PDF bookmarks. This actually is a bug in the original Adobe PDFMaker resulting in the display of invisible text within headings in the bookmarks
  • Allows for more than 50 Bookmarks. This again actually is a bug in the original Adobe PDFMaker resulting in the fact, that a maximum of 50 Section headings only would be converted to bookmarks (starting with all level 1 headings, continuing with level 2 headings and so on, until the number 50 is reached).
  • Switch off the "Print to file" check box in the Word printer dialog at the end again (the original Adobe PDFMaker left this check box checked always annoying me every time I had to print to the printer after using PDFMaker).
  • Generation of PostScript code independent of the Acrobat Distiller installed, not even Adobe Acrobat has to be installed!
  • Allows to specify a default PostScript printer that will be used automatically for each PostScript file generation. After conversion, the original Word printer is restored.
  • Allows to specify the PDF converter and the parameters to start the automatic conversion.
  • Fix a bug that resulted in an endless loop, if a table follows directly a heading to be converted into a bookmark.


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