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Since August 2010, PDF-T-Maker is DonationWare. With this change, all features have been made available to all users.

DonationWare means:

  • Private users, user at non-profit educational institutions, charitable organisations and users in other environments that explicitly do not gain a financial profit: PDF-T-Maker can furthermore be deployed without any fee.
  • All other users (including freelancers, selfemployed people, small business owners etc. while following their profession; state agencies/departments and institutions that take cash from their citizens [inland revenue] or provide their services for money; companies of any size): You are asked to donate an appropriate amount to Unicef ((Link extern) www.unicef.or; in most countries also with local web sites present). As appropriate, as minimum amount the value of 1.5 kg of bread per user and year is regarded (eg. 5 Euro) – of course, higher amounts are warmly welcome.

Invoice instead of a direct donation

If you have difficulties for organisational reasons, to transfer your money directly to Unicef, you may request an invoice from Transcom (minimum amount: 100 Euro plus VAT as applicable). Income gained this way, of course will be forwarded to Unicef Germany.

Donation statistics

If you like you may send the information about your donations (including a scan of your receipe) to (Link extern) We will publish anonymised statistics on this page.


  • Invitation (Englisch): Einladung
  • Invitation for tender: Ausschreibung

Die Informationen auf sind InvitationWare: Einerseits sind Sie eingeladen, sie zu nutzen. Andererseits, wenn die Informationen auf diesen Seiten Ihnen geholfen haben oder die Tipps und Programme für Sie nützlich sind, dann erinnern Sie sich doch an Transcom, wenn Sie mal wieder einen Auftrag in einem unserer (Link intern) Fachgebiete zu vergeben haben — und senden uns eine Einladung zum Angebot. (Link intern) Rufen Sie uns an oder senden uns eine E-Mail.

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