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Our various other services

Our various other services are mainly related to — of course — 'technical communication'. The list can only provide a few examples:

  • Requirement specifications, design secifications
  • Flow charts (e.g. for software)
  • Translations
  • Posters, presentations
  • Book pre-press editing
  • Design of exhibitions with technical content

What really out of the ordinary is

We also, however, offer services that do not belong to 'technical communication':

  • Document templates for you and your staff/colleagues. Although we cannot transfer all our know-how to you using templates on effective communication, you will at least be in a position to create the documents for your internal use in an effective manner. What about, for example, letterhead in WinWord that automatically retrieves address data from Outlook?
  • Tools for the daily chores with Office and Co. Even the office packages provide only limited answers to technical documentation requirements. We use it a lot — and automate recurring tasks with it, if this can save us time. We can provide you with our tools (you can also find a selection of tools (selected tools you can find also here on our website in the (Link intern) download area) or develop new ones for you that increase your productivity.
  • Project management. This offer by Transcom may come as a surprise to you, but technical documentation is created regularly within tight deadlines and with limited resources that must be utilized in the most effective way. The experience thereby gathered in the area of project structuring, controlling and management can often be applied to other projects. So, if your product "goes off course", just (Link intern) get in touch with us. It could just be that it is somebody from the outside who provides the necessary impetus to bring the project to a successful end.


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