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Our customers

(ICE train: The view from the front row of seats)
Our customers can be found typically in the following industries:

  • Special machine construction, in particular laser machines up to laser class 4
  • Industrial systems construction
  • Appliances and equipment, measurement devices, optics
  • Inspection, test and handling systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology
  • Medical systems and devices
  • Security and protection systems
  • Software

Regarding the company size of our customers, there are no limits: From the organization with just a few employees up to large-scale enterprises; there are opportunities for cooperation at every level. Even the Optical Museum Jena, Germany, can be found on our reference list: The photography exhibition there was designed by us. Despite the diversity of subjects: In close collaboration with the respective specialists, we are able to ensure a high level of quality at the right time — always.

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